Lego Star Wars Cake


I made this cake for my son and my nephew.  I love how it turned out but the death start took me FOREVER.  It was the laser (I used a straw)….I saw one like it on another cake and thought it wouldn’t be too hard, but tucking the little parts under the fondant and getting it to stay was extremely difficult.  If you’re going to try and copy this design, find another way to do that part!!  Because of how long that took me I ended up just using real legos instead of making gum paste ones.  I used the Star Wars cookie cutters from Pottery Barn Kids to make the ships.  I don’t think they sell those particular ones anymore but I bet you could find them on ebay.  My favorite part about this cake is that I didn’t actually have a Darth Vader, I only had a magnet one, so I pulled the head off of it and put it on the body of a pilot.  That’s why Darth looks like he’s wearing a suit 🙂



Lego cake



This lego cake was for my son’s fourth birthday.  I was in the middle of making another big cake at the time so I just kind of threw this one together last minute.  The fondant job was terrible, but the little legos came out great.