Cherry Blossom Wedding/TOM’S Groom’s cake


My sister’s wedding cake.  I looked at about a million pictures of cherry blossom tree cakes and just loved one that I found with the branches painted on instead of using fondant (thankfully that was the one my sister loved too).  It was quite difficult to “paint” on buttercream, but I just love the way it turned out.  The other hard part was forming each and every flower out of gum paste…..I had never even worked with gum paste before this cake so it took me a while.  This was by far the hardest cake I’ve done to date, but definitely my favorite 🙂  Thanks for trusting me to make your cake Kels 🙂


The groom’s cake.  My sister’s husband is a huge TOM’S fan, so we had to do it.  I was so relieved when they turned out good!!