Lego Star Wars Cake


I made this cake for my son and my nephew.  I love how it turned out but the death start took me FOREVER.  It was the laser (I used a straw)….I saw one like it on another cake and thought it wouldn’t be too hard, but tucking the little parts under the fondant and getting it to stay was extremely difficult.  If you’re going to try and copy this design, find another way to do that part!!  Because of how long that took me I ended up just using real legos instead of making gum paste ones.  I used the Star Wars cookie cutters from Pottery Barn Kids to make the ships.  I don’t think they sell those particular ones anymore but I bet you could find them on ebay.  My favorite part about this cake is that I didn’t actually have a Darth Vader, I only had a magnet one, so I pulled the head off of it and put it on the body of a pilot.  That’s why Darth looks like he’s wearing a suit 🙂



Yo Gabba Gabba Cake


This cake was so special.  I had the privilege of making this cake for a much deserving little boy through the Icing Smiles program (  This is an amazing charity that provides cakes to families impacted by critically ill children.  If you bake/decorate cakes and would like to know more about volunteering I would encourage you to check out their website, it’s an awesome cause!!  I have to admit, even though I have little kids I had never seen an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba so I had to do a little research before I made this one…..I was really happy with the result though.  Everything on the cake is edible, the eyes are made of marshmallow fondant and the red spikes and the robot ears are made of gum paste.  This was the first time I had ever used pearl dust to make a metallic finish on anything.  I formed the robot ears out of gum paste that I had dyed grey, and then I mixed the silver pearl dust with some clear vanilla extract to form a paint and just used a small paintbrush to apply it.  You can get some great little cake decorating brushes at Michael’s…..that’s typically where I get all of my cake supplies.  Sorry I didn’t get a closer picture of the ears so you could see it but it really is cute and worth doing!

Gender Reveal Cake


This cake was SO fun to make!!  It was so exciting to be a part of such a special occasion.  The colored icing between the two layers was what gave away the secret, so I spent a long time putting a nice thick layer of white icing all around…I was so nervous that part of the color was going to show through!  Everything turned out great though and I especially liked the beaded border at the bottom.  Oh, and of course the little pink and blue booties! 🙂  You can easily make baby booties yourself by just making a blob of icing using tip 12, just start in the front and then move back and up while squeezing the icing bag.  Then with tip 1 squeeze really hard around the top and the icing will come out all squiggly like that.  I used tip 1 to do the bows as well.

Space Shuttle Birthday Cake



I made this cake for my son’s 5th birthday…….it took him a VERY long time to narrow down what he wanted and this was what I eventually came up with.  I loved the way the fondant came out on the bottom cake, it really looked like outer space!  I made the space shuttle and the moon out of rice krispie treats and covered them in fondant.  He was pretty excited about it as you can tell in the picture 🙂  The only thing the space shuttle was lacking (according to him)…..was landing gear and a robotic arm.  Oh well, sometimes you just can’t win :))