Gender Reveal Cake


This cake was SO fun to make!!  It was so exciting to be a part of such a special occasion.  The colored icing between the two layers was what gave away the secret, so I spent a long time putting a nice thick layer of white icing all around…I was so nervous that part of the color was going to show through!  Everything turned out great though and I especially liked the beaded border at the bottom.  Oh, and of course the little pink and blue booties! 🙂  You can easily make baby booties yourself by just making a blob of icing using tip 12, just start in the front and then move back and up while squeezing the icing bag.  Then with tip 1 squeeze really hard around the top and the icing will come out all squiggly like that.  I used tip 1 to do the bows as well.

Humpty Dumpty/Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower



I was nervous about making this cake, I had never made anything like the big humpty dumpty before.  I was so happy with how it turned out though.  The fondant was being super cooperative and everything came out really smooth and clean cut.  This cake is definitely one of my favorites.