Hungry Caterpillar Birthday


This was a rice krispie treat cake I made for a friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday.  I love how fun and colorful this one is.  Complete with a smash cake and some extra bars just incase.  All of the decorations on this one were made of marshmallow fondant except the sun’s rays and the “gum balls”, which were made of gum paste.  My arms got a workout on this one dying the fondant and gum paste so many different colors!

Girl’s 1st Birthday Cake


This cake was for a girl’s 1st birthday….I love the colors and the simplicity of stripes and polka dots.  All of the decorations for this cake were made of fondant except the flowers and the number 1’s….those were gum paste.  If you enjoy cake making and you’ve never worked with gum paste you’ve got to try it!  It’s a lot like fondant but it hardens so you can make a number or something, stick some toothpicks into the bottom of it and put it right on top of your cake, so cute! You can find it ready made or as a powder that you just add water and powdered sugar to (that’s how I get it).  You can find it at your local craft store.

I also just love the little tutu smash cake….it’s super easy to make your own tutu for something like that.  I think I just found a tutorial on Pinterest or Youtube on how to do it.

Building Blocks 1st Birthday



This building blocks cake was for a boy’s 1st birthday.  I loved the way this one turned out.  The blocks were carved out of cereal treats and covered in fondant.  One of the hardest parts of this cake was the letters….they weren’t cut outs.  I also loved the little, well, not-so-little smash cake for the birthday boy.  It’s a little hard to see in the pictures but it was a giant block covered in all buttercream instead of fondant.  

Surfboard cake



This was the very first cake that I was asked to make for someone, my little friend Chloe 🙂  I had just finished taking one of the Wilton classes where I learned how to make all these beautiful flowers.  Although I never seem to make royal icing flowers anymore, it was still a really fun skill to learn.  This was when I first realized that I really loved decorating cakes and started taking it more seriously.  Thanks for taking a chance on a friend Abby!!