Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog!  I am a stay at home mom who recently discovered a love for decorating cakes.  I took two Wilton classes a few years ago and have learned everything else from trial and error or Youtube.  I truly love doing it…I love having it as an artistic outlet.  But mostly I love how a cake can make someone so happy, I love seeing a child’s face light up when they see their favorite character come to life on a cake.   For now it’s just a side hobby, but maybe someday it will be something more 🙂   Hope you enjoy the blog!

12 thoughts on “About

  1. wow amazing work -really welldone!!!! i do cakes as well and couldnt agree with u more on all that u’ve said!!!!
    could i ask you cause i fell in love with your humpty dumpty cake – is humpty made out of rice krispee treats too?

    thanks in advance and wow once again!!!

  2. Beautiful cakes!!! Do you make/sell them? I’m looking for someone to make a princess style cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday in January.



  3. Your cakes are awesome! I just seen your Icing smiles cake posted thru their facebook page. Had to check out your blog posted pictures and just WOW you do an awesome job. I too took a few classes at Michaels and videos and cake sites I watch for hours, I research area I would like to try next ( do you follow http://www.Cakecentral.com)? My sister lives there and I share all my cake photos @BakedbyBrenda (Omaha NE)with her. I am a home baker, I work out of the home and do some cakes mostly for family, friends and coworkers. It gets crazy fast once you start baking for others…but I wanted to tell you how good you are and thank you for baking for ICING SMILES. They are very dear to my heart, and I have had the honor of doing a couple and wait to do more. Congratulations on your cake, continue with your artistic love of cakes.

    • Hi Brenda!! Thank you so much! You’re right, once you get going baking cakes for everyone around you it consumes a lot of your time! I haven’t had as much time to do it lately but I’m just slowly trying to learn a little as I go and maybe someday I will be able to turn it into an actual business. I do get a lot of my cake ideas from cakecentral…I love looking through the pictures. So glad you are able to help with Icing Smiles too, I think it’s an amazing company and I’m honored to be a part of it. Hoping to make more cakes for them in the future!

    • Thank you so much for being understanding. I finally got a chance to check out your cake photos on facebook and you’re amazing!! Your attention to detail is excellent! Wish you the best as well.

  4. thank you, I many just do for friends and family and co-workers but it then sometimes consumes more time then I would sometimes like it too. Once you start doing them for others the orders come in and it gets hard to turn them down. I love doing the Icing Smile Cakes and I do them for my son’s special needs classmates. First birthdays are so much fun too. My neice who lives in Colorado I did the Taylor Swift,piano keys, and ballet slippers cake for her ,.it made it safely from Omaha to Colorado by car. If you ever open a shop of do more please let me know. A lot of cake decorating and skills to learn is available online for learning and I could just spend hours absorbing the information. Thanks again and I will mark your site as a favorite to see your future cakes. Best Wishes

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