Space Shuttle Birthday Cake



I made this cake for my son’s 5th birthday…….it took him a VERY long time to narrow down what he wanted and this was what I eventually came up with.  I loved the way the fondant came out on the bottom cake, it really looked like outer space!  I made the space shuttle and the moon out of rice krispie treats and covered them in fondant.  He was pretty excited about it as you can tell in the picture 🙂  The only thing the space shuttle was lacking (according to him)…..was landing gear and a robotic arm.  Oh well, sometimes you just can’t win :))


3 thoughts on “Space Shuttle Birthday Cake

    • Thank you so much! I formed rice krispie treats in a half-cylinder flower former for the body of the shuttle and then just shaped the nose myself. I cut a hole in the front and put a Lego guy and windshield in it to form the cockpit and then covered the whole thing in fondant. I made the wings and the boosters in the back out of gum paste and stuck them in with toothpicks. I ended up having to put a piece of cardboard under it too because it just wasn’t going to hold up on top of that moon. It was definitely the toughest sculpture I’ve ever done, but it was fun!

  1. Wow! This is a very beautiful space cake. I’m about to do the same this week and saw your post. Just wondering if it’s alright to ask how you achieved the fondant colour on cake? What color combination and any technique please on how you kneaded it to get the effect? Your help is much appreciated. Tnx!

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